Custom digital portraits of pets and people - dogs, cats, children and more, make deeply personal gifts, memorials, and beautiful wall art. The portraits are lovingly drawn by hand, using a screen tablet and pen, after studying the photos provided. Each commission is as unique as its subject; a portrait offers comfort and appreciation well beyond what a photograph can capture. When a portrait is first viewed, it often induces an emotional response; tears are not uncommon. There is personality in each and every brushstroke.

Montreal-based JC Little is an award-winning visual storyteller and animator, with an animation career spanning more than 35 years. She is best known online as The Animated Woman, cartooning, animating short films, and authoring picture books. And now she's taking commissions drawing pets and people.

JC lives in a topsy-turvy house in Montreal with her lovely British husband, large hairy Newfoundland dog, and three fantastically opinionated children..